Example Blog Post, that has IT ALL!

*Photos in blog post visually capture your audience and illustrate your topic. How-to photos are great and cheesy stock photography aren’t so great.

An EFFECTIVE BLOG POST TITLE (Simple, Grabs Attention, Describes!)

The HOOK!  This is a personal story about why I (meaning you) am so interested in this topic for social change and why you should trust me on this topic that I am so passionate about. This thing happened this morning and I am so glad it did because it forced me to focus on how to make this blog post introduction so compelling and personal. Educating your reader on the content does not mean it has to be boring, hook them in the first paragraph.  Read the history of the blog here for insight on your new endeavor.

Have a volunteer blog editor to check for proper spelling and gramatical grammatical errors in your post. This builds credibility for your blog.

I will hook you in this first paragraph and this is how:

  • Through a personal story (…and then this happened and it led to this and then…)
  • Humor (my brother says you can’t be funny, if you aren’t funny)
  • Sorrow
  • Analogies/Comparisons (“I felt like a bowl of spaghetti that had been dropped on the restaurant floor by an overworked food runner at Maggianos.”)
  • Quotes
  • References to commonly known popular culture
  • Expert Interview
  • Interview that shares what everyday people think about topic (why you believe they are right or wrong)

Keep your audience in mind when you are writing. Your audience is your classmates. Woo them, entertain them, grab their attention. 

Bold Headings & Why Bullet Points make your post:

  • Scannable for Reader
  • Saves Time for Viewer
  • Sums Up Important Content from Text
  • Drives Ideas Home

5 Reasons to have a List on your Blog:

  1. Easy to Read!: Readers like lists.
  2. Lists break up content. This helps you mix it up. See the Thirty best blog lists.
  3. Gives the reader top reasons why to act.  Tell them straight up why.
  4. Attract readers.  Your five favorite things about this cause makes you get focused.
  5. People are … Lists are good because maybe people are busy, lazy, or have no attention span. Ha!

Tips on writing the best blog:


Simple Infographics

Infographic that shows scale

Hand Drawn Infographic that You Photographed and Put in Post

Google Simple Infographics for Ideas or go to Cool Infographic Blog (much more complex).

Bibliography: Siting sources from the World Wide Web – a URL:

  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator or WWW address).
  • Author (or item’s name, if mentioned), date.

Example: (Boston Globe’s www address) http://www.boston.com. Today’s News, May 23, 2006.

Watch this Video about Blogging, very interesting!



One thought on “Example Blog Post, that has IT ALL!

  1. Thank you, Lesley. I’ve been thinking about a hook, and from the list, sorrow works best for my project, I think. My personal loss and student homelessness–merging in my idea to raise money by selling my photography, which gives me purpose and some students a chance.

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